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Rickett Brewing has started a new revolution in the adult beverage world.  Our Alcohol free, great tasting beer, wines and champagnes infused with CBD and THC are the next generation of spirits.

"A Higher Standard" Low in carbs and calories, no hangover and amazing full body flavor. Our award winning hand crafted beers and premier coastal wines are infused with California's finest cannabis. It doesn't get any better than this.


Jolie Fleur Blanc & Pink, THC Champagne


Rickett “Jolie Fleur” Blanc & Pink, Is the elegant alternative for all special occasions. 

Made with the finest California grapes using traditional French Champagne methods, this alcohol-free beverage has the perfect amount of tiny bubbles in each glass with a crisp, sweet yet tart fruitiness.

Infused with state of the art Nano technology California Cannabis, this sparkling beverage is delicious and delivers a quick onset and clean fun experience.

THC Champagne, beer and wine

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